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Our Mission



Recycling greywater not only provides us with a helpful water source in times of drought but ensures that all excess water is used to its full potential.

Greener Lawns and Gardens


Greywater can have more positive effects on your grass than standard tap water. With this in mind, we see greywater as an effective way to not only maintain grass, but ensure it stays greener and healthier.



We love our environment and want to share this passion with everyone. By saving greywater we hope to make people more aware and thoughtful towards water and environmental preservation.

The Grey Water Bin Solution


Services and Bin Conversions

We also offer call out services in which one of our team members will pump out your grey water onto your grass. Additionally, we also offer a bin conversion service where one of our team members can come out and convert your own bin into a Grey Water Bin. If interested, please contact us via email or mobile. Terms and conditions apply.

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Mobile Number: 0430 535 066